group Eigensolvers

A basic interface for eigensolvers.

These eigensolvers support many of the matrix/vector storage schemes in hypre. They should be used in conjunction with the storage-specific interfaces.

LOBPCG Eigensolver

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGCreate(mv_InterfaceInterpreter *interpreter, HYPRE_MatvecFunctions *mvfunctions, HYPRE_Solver *solver)

LOBPCG constructor.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGDestroy(HYPRE_Solver solver)

LOBPCG destructor.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSetPrecond(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_PtrToSolverFcn precond, HYPRE_PtrToSolverFcn precond_setup, HYPRE_Solver precond_solver)

(Optional) Set the preconditioner to use.

If not called, preconditioning is not used.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGGetPrecond(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_Solver *precond_data_ptr)
HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSetup(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_Matrix A, HYPRE_Vector b, HYPRE_Vector x)

Set up A and the preconditioner (if there is one).

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSetupB(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_Matrix B, HYPRE_Vector x)

(Optional) Set up B.

If not called, B = I.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSetupT(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_Matrix T, HYPRE_Vector x)

(Optional) Set the preconditioning to be applied to Tx = b, not Ax = b.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSolve(HYPRE_Solver solver, mv_MultiVectorPtr y, mv_MultiVectorPtr x, HYPRE_Real *lambda)

Solve A x = lambda B x, y’x = 0.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSetTol(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_Real tol)

(Optional) Set the absolute convergence tolerance.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSetRTol(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_Real tol)

(Optional) Set the relative convergence tolerance.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSetMaxIter(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_Int max_iter)

(Optional) Set maximum number of iterations.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSetPrecondUsageMode(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_Int mode)

Define which initial guess for inner PCG iterations to use: mode = 0: use zero initial guess, otherwise use RHS.

HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGSetPrintLevel(HYPRE_Solver solver, HYPRE_Int level)

(Optional) Set the amount of printing to do to the screen.

utilities_FortranMatrix *HYPRE_LOBPCGResidualNorms(HYPRE_Solver solver)
utilities_FortranMatrix *HYPRE_LOBPCGResidualNormsHistory(HYPRE_Solver solver)
utilities_FortranMatrix *HYPRE_LOBPCGEigenvaluesHistory(HYPRE_Solver solver)
HYPRE_Int HYPRE_LOBPCGIterations(HYPRE_Solver solver)
void hypre_LOBPCGMultiOperatorB(void *data, void *x, void *y)
void lobpcg_MultiVectorByMultiVector(mv_MultiVectorPtr x, mv_MultiVectorPtr y, utilities_FortranMatrix *xy)